Chad Bernard | #principal

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Chad Bernard is the principal of Weimar Academy. He is married to Melinda and has two kids, a daughter named Adelaide and a dog named Gus. He graduated from Andrews University in 1996 with a B.S. in Elementary Education and in 2000 with a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. Mr. Chad loves education and has had the opportunity to teach young people in every grade from Kindergarten to College. He currently teaches History & Bible at the academy and enjoys sharing about the love that God has for His children throughout history. His two goals for this school are to inspire young people to have a loving, eternal relationship with Jesus and to equip them to share that love with others in all that they do.

Mike Bernard | #viceprincipal #registrar

Mike Bernard is married to Cheryl and has 3 boys, Aaron, Benjamin, and Isaac. He graduated from SAU in 1999 and moved to Atlanta, GA where he worked for almost 10 years in accounting before the Lord led him to work in education. He started as a boys dean in Indiana and then moved out to Weimar to become the Vice Principal and Registrar in the summer of 2010. He is also currently serving as the CFO of Weimar Institute. Mike and his family enjoy being active in outreach and mission trips with the academy and with the kids ministries at their church. They count it such a blessing to be a part of a ministry focused on training young people to finish this last day work so we can go home to be with Jesus.

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Margaret Gallant | #girlsdean


Margaret Gallant is the Girls Dean at Weimar Academy. She graduated with a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Educational Guidance Counseling from Loma Linda University. She worked as a school counselor in Southern California for five years before moving back East with her husband where they lived for 16 years. Before coming to work at Weimar she was working hard raising her three children and feeling blessed to be “mommy.” The whole family traveled together presenting health seminars. They truly believe they were sent to Weimar to minister in the Girls dorm as a family. She loves being “mom” to all the students and feels very privileged to be able to mentor young ladies in serving God in all that they do.

RD Gallant | #guysdean #chemistry

R.D. Gallant is the Boys Dean of Weimar Academy. He graduated from Weimar College with a BS in Natural Science. He loves God with all his heart and wants to serve God in everything he does.


John Peacock | #physics

Mr Peacock

John Peacock is the physics teacher at Weimar Academy and professor at Weimar College. He graduated from Elmhurst College with a Bachelor of Science with a major in physics, a major in mathematics, and a minor in computer science. He holds a Masters in Science from Oregon Graduate Institute in Applied Physics. He also worked in the aerospace industry for about 8 years where he did research and development. Mr. Peacock has been teaching at the high school level for nineteen years and the college level for two and a half years. He loves to see young people fall in love with Jesus and experience His restorative power. John believes that math and physics should be practical, interesting and applicable to a student’s life.

Tara Swanepoel | #english #math


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Tara Swanepoel is the Math Teacher and Freshmen English Teacher at Weimar Academy. God drew her to teaching and she graduated from Andrews University in 2001 with a BS in Elementary Education. Following graduation, she taught 3rd and 4th grades in Michigan. She then served as the principal of a small mission school in Bolivia. Following her mission service, she returned to the United States and received her MA in Educational Technology. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, camping, backpacking, and snowshoeing.  She is passionate about missions and is dedicated to inspiring students to fulfill their call to serve wherever God leads. Her greatest joy is to see youth inspired by the irresistible beauty of God’s character.

Alyssa Brantley | #agriculture #math

Alyssa Brantley’s passion for the ministry of true education was first sparked 6 years ago with a worship talk given by Dr. Randy Siebold right here at Weimar. As she finished out the year serving Mrs. Gallant and the girls dorm as an assistant dean, she felt God’s call to become an Educator ever growing stronger. After continuing her education for a couple years and teaching at William H. Johnston Elementary School in Hickory, North Carolina, God opened the door for her to come back to Weimar Academy where the dream all started. Alyssa is excited about being a part of “Proving God Right” as she teaches Agriculture and Geometry.


Abigail Eagan | #music



Abigail Eagan is the Music Director for Weimar Academy. Her personal passion for music started in childhood and since then she has had experience in harp performance and education, as a piano teacher, and has also had the privilege of training with one of the top choral instructors at Andrews University. Her experimentations with conducting started at the age of four in front of the family stereo and continue now as she daily seeks to learn and improve her methods of musical communication. To relax she enjoys cooking, hiking, and spending time with friends. It is her utmost desire to cultivate in the hearts of students a love for their Savior and to equip them with the ability to share Him with the world through music.

Amanda Goad | #Liaison #science

Amanda Goad is a graduate of SOULS West and HEALTH. Currently, she is finishing her degree in Business Management and teaching the Health and Fitness class here at the Academy among other responsibilities. Originally from Arizona, she has traveled quite a bit following various calls in ministry from Arizona to Washington state.  When she’s not working or studying, she enjoys doing almost anything as long as she’s with good friends. She’s excited to be at Weimar this year to broaden her experience in ministry and to make more friends.

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