2020 Mission Trip

From February 19 to March 1, 2020, students from Weimar Academy will travel to the island of Molokai, Hawaii. Projects will include door-to-door visitation, health expos, music/health/evangelistic meetings, church services for two Sabbaths, and a music concert. The cost is $900 per person.

To donate by phone, call¬†530.422.7913 and request to speak with Catherine Ensminger. If you wish to send a check by mail, please make checks payable to Weimar Academy and write “Molokai Mission Trip” in the subject line. For IRS purposes, please do not write any specific student’s name on the check. To donate money for a specific student, write their name on a sticky note and send it attached to the check. Mail checks to 20601 West Paoli Lane, Weimar CA 95713 USA.¬†