Woods_BannerWhile we are serious about our purpose, Weimar Academy has a lot of fun together. Over the course of the school year, the student body and faculty find it easy to become acquainted with each other. Through numerous special events and activities, we grow into a close-knit family.

Camping Trips

Camp out. Those two words send shockwaves of excitement through the entire Weimar campus. Amazing things happen when you dump a school full of teenagers out in the woods together. Seriously. We all have a blast. Whether we are attempting to swim in a freezing cold lake, hike a new trail, or spend some alone time with God, every second is packed full of awesome memories.  I remember all the fun we had talking around the campfire, and all the time we spent trying to warm up after an icy cold night. We were like a large group of penguins, huddling around the small, yet blazing fire. What great times. Getting to spend three entire days together in God’s amazing nature was an amazing blessing.

Tiffany, Sophomore


I love skiing. At Weimar, we get to go skiing every Wednesday night.  It is an awesome experience!  I feel a sense of camaraderie with my friends as I ski down the slopes.  We go to Boreal mountain resort for skiing.  They have some awesome runs and countless terrain park features.  There are two sides of the mountain and I enjoy both. One side boasts back country powder while the other has groomed runs. Once, when I was getting my ticket, the lady at the counter asked me, “Are you from Weimar Academy?”  I told her that I was and she went on to say how she notice that we were all so kind to each other.  I was amazed how, even in the excitement of skiing, Weimar Academy has been a blessing on the mountain.

Payton, Freshman

The Outdoors

The school is in a wonderful location for enjoying nature to its fullest.  During the winter, snow-capped mountains boast ski resorts like Boreal for those who enjoy snow recreation. There are also countless off-campus hiking trails that display serene and breathtaking views. The campus itself offers outdoor opportunities that attract people from all around the community. Many trails in Weimar are used for various activities from scavenger hunts and Waldenses, to exercise routes and nature walks. The academy also has a grassy field that we use for more social games like dare base and ultimate frisbee. The outdoors challenges us to improve the physical and spiritual aspect of our lives.

The vivid rays that pour through my window once again remind me of the very One Who fashioned it all. The crisp breeze awakes me and with a sigh of content, I fall to my knees in prayer and whisper,            ‘A new morning of a new life with You.’

Down Time

Weimar Academy is a very busy school; however, there are those days when we get to just hang out. Some students relax in their rooms while others socialize. Some take voice or instrumental lessons, get tutoring, or exercise. On some occasions, the deans treat the dorm students to a meal off-campus. Students often work on homework and catch up in their studies. Fridays are only half days of school, so after preparing for the Sabbath, the students are free to rest or hang out. Although Weimar is an active school, there is plenty of much needed downtime.