Weimar Academy Faculty 2019-2020

This list is in progress. Staff bios and pictures coming soon.
Laura Krum: Principal, English 4
Laura Krum was born in Denver, CO, but moved around a lot as her father was an SDA Pastor and Air Force Chaplain. She attended Weimar College 30 years ago and met her husband Leland here. She enjoys young people of any age, but her favorite group is teens. She has four children and has fun observing their similarities and differences. Laura enjoys traveling, hiking, gardening, reading, and just time to think. She has been a home school mom, substituted and aided in an elementary school, and most recently worked eight years at Heritage Academy in Tennessee, where she was vice-Principal for the last three before moving here. Laura values good communication and strives to improve her own. Her ultimate desire is to lead others to experience the peace she has found in Jesus and His promises. laurakrum@gmail.com
Alyssa Brantley: Assistant Girls’ Dean, Finance, Geometry, Government, Pre-Calculus
Alyssa Brantley’s passion for the ministry of true education was first sparked 8 years ago with a worship talk given by Dr. Randy Siebold right here at Weimar. She will be teaching mathematics, government, finance, and serving as an assistant in the Girl’s Dorm. Alyssa is excited about being a part of “Proving God Right”. abrantley@weimar.edu
Bailey Gallant: English 1
Bailey Gallant is humbled and enthusiastic to teach the Freshmen English class this year at Weimar Academy. After graduating from Weimar Academy in 2017, she has spent the last few years studying Elementary Education at Weimar College. Bailey is passionate about helping children and young people learn to love learning, understand their value in the eyes of their Heavenly Father, and face their fears in new experiences. She enjoys learning, reading, writing, and spending time in nature. bgallant@weimar.edu
Carolyn Ramirez: English 2
Dean Cullinane: Bible 1/2, Guys’ Dean
“Dean the Dean” began working at the academy in 2016 as the Assistant Boy’s Dean, before becoming Bible teacher in 2017. Now working as the boys “Dean”, his desire is to see the young men of Weimar Academy become strong spiritual leaders, and that the entire student body would be drawn into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church. Dean is married to Dorling, his wife of 5 years and together they have 2 cats. Dean is also the host of the “Why They Did That” Podcast.  dcullinane@weimar.edu
Dr. Dojcin Zivadinovic: World History
Dojcin Zivadinovic is the professor of theology and religion at Weimar College. He is originally from Croatia, a sunny, Mediterranean country with the warm sea. He finished his masters of theology in France and his doctorate in Church History at Andrews University. He is married to his wife Ana and they have a two-year-old daughter Rebeka. Dojcin and his wife moved to Weimar in 2016 because they share Weimar’s spiritual and educational vision. Dojcin loves to teach and educate younger generations and has decided to help the Weimar Academy with the World History class 2019/20. dzivadinovic@weimar.edu
Erik Osadchuck: Physics, Chemistry, Physical Science
Erik Osadchuck teaches physics, chemistry, and physical science at Weimar Academy. Erik and his family moved to Weimar in 2011 to provide a solid, Christ-focused high school experience for him and his sister. Following high school, Erik attended Southern Adventist University for the next four years where he studied mathematics and engineering. Since graduating in 2018, Erik has taught statistics at Weimar College and is thrilled to join his alma mater this school year. Erik enjoys simplifying complex problems and inspiring youth to find spiritual lessons in their studies. eosadchuck@weimar.edu
Erwin Nanasi: Music
Erwin serves as associate pastor and minister of music at Weimar Institute. Growing up in a religious home that valued time for worship and music, he initially pursued training in piano performance at the State University of Music and Performing Arts in his hometown at Stuttgart, Germany. During his training there, he received an invitation to go to the Arctic Circle as a missionary. This experience changed his life completely. While living among the Inuit, he found his calling in ministry. There, he accepted Jesus as his personal Savior and recognized that music was an integral part of worship and instrumental in reaching others for His kingdom. Erwin loves God and delights in praising Him through song. He is married to the love of his life, Janell. Together they enjoy writing songs, inventing Bible-games and spending time in God’s nature. enanasi@weimar.edu
Isabel Santana: Spanish 1/2
Isabel Santana teaches Spanish at Weimar Academy. She is grateful to live in beautiful Northern California with her family. She also feels blessed to be able to teach Spanish to such a wonderful group of students such as we have here at Weimar Academy. Besides teaching, she enjoys walking and spending time with her family. isantana@weimar.edu
Jam Obias: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Health, Logistics
Pastor Jeff Walper: Bible 3/4
Jeff Walper is the Junior/Senior Bible teacher at Weimar Academy. He is married to Jodi Davis; they are blessed with 3 daughters: Olivia, Rubi, and Elin. Their family moved to Weimar in 2019. Before giving his life to Jesus Christ in 1998, Jeff desperately searched for meaning in life. He had been raised in a nominal Adventist home. He knew about Jesus, but hadn’t received the gospel of Jesus Christ. Dropping out of college at the age of 19, Jeff, along with a friend, traveled from Atlanta, Georgia to Kodiak, Alaska in search for something more. Jeff spent portions of the next 4 years living in a tent, staying at a homeless shelter, working on fishing boats, working in a logging camp, working at a ski resort, washing dishes, and then working as a bartender. In 1998, while bartending, Jeff received a piece of gospel literature that led him to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ and thus give his life to his Saviour. Immediately Jeff quit his bartending job and trained to be a missionary for Jesus Christ. After a month of intensive training and two months of waiting for his visa, the Lord sent him to Hatsukaichi, Japan as a Gospel missionary. Jeff has been serving Jesus Christ as a missionary for the past 21 years. He has served the Lord as a Hospital Chaplain, a Church Pastor, a Church Planter, a Colporteur, a Medical Missionary, and now as the Chaplain of Weimar’s NEWSTART Program and Bible Teacher at Weimar Academy. Jeff has a burden for souls. His vision for ministry includes helping others to find their value in Jesus Christ and thus discover their identity and mission in life. jjwalper@yahoo.com
Melissa Osadchuck: English 3
Melissa Osadchuck is a long-time member of the Weimar team, graduating from the Academy in 2016 and currently in her last year of studies at Weimar College. She holds a deep passion for the gift of word, and is thrilled to be joining the Academy staff as an English teacher this year. Outside of the classroom Melissa enjoys a variety of pursuits, but is partial to anything that gets her thinking, dreaming, or pondering life. What excites her most about teaching is the opportunity to influence future generations for Christ. mosadchuck@weimar.edu
Nathan Crabtree: US History
Nathan Crabtree is the U.S. history teacher at Weimar Academy. He is also currently enrolled in Weimar College, majoring in Christian education with a minor in theology. He is from Hendersonville, North Carolina, where he earned his Associates in Science degree from Blue Ridge Community College. Some of his favorite hobbies include hiking, hammocking, woodworking, and yes, learning ever more about history. He is passionate about teaching the importance of history to our lives today, in light of these words penned by Ellen White: “We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us, and His teaching in our past history.”  ncrabtree@weimar.edu
Dr. Ronald Celestine: Biology
Ronald Celestine is the biology lecturer of both Weimar Academy and College. He holds a PhD in molecular Biology and a Naturopathic Doctoral degree. He is married to Lystra Celestine, a physician who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology and works in the Grass Valley area. They moved to Weimar in 2016 from Washington State and are originally from Trinidad and Tobago. Ron and Lystra were called by God to Weimar Institute because He showed them the need for young men and woman to learn about the world through His eyes and not through worldly instructions. They both identify with the mission of Weimar, “to heal a hurting world,” and believe that one of the pillars that will finish God’s work is when young people are able to take the teachings of the natural laws of health and utilize it to spread the good news of salvation to a waiting world. rcelestine@weimar.edu
Teresa Serl: Girls’ Dean, Registrar
Vasiliy Osadchuck: Agriculture
The Osadchucks originally joined the Weimar family in 2011 when their children, Erik and Melissa, started attending Weimar Academy. Pastor Vasiliy taught Agriculture and Bible at the Academy until their daughter’s graduation in 2016. Meanwhile, his wife worked at nearby healthcare facilities as a Physical Therapist. During the summer of 2018 Vasiliy has rejoined Weimar Academy to continue teaching Agriculture. He is an ordained minister and has served as a pastor at the Texas Seventh-day Adventist Conference and Ontario Conference in Canada. Vasiliy is multilingual, speaking Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian and English. He is an avid gardener and is passionate about honey bees. Besides growing bees and harvesting healthy crops, Vasiliy’s passion is inspiring people to become better followers of Christ and co-workers with God in harvesting souls for the Kingdom. His support team includes his wife Karis, and their children. vasiliyo@yahoo.com