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hi. so you’re here because you’re interested in helping with media stuff. cool. we’re going to ask you to submit some of your best work you’ve made in the past. pictures, videos, visual design work, web design, whatever. we’re going to evaluate it based on artistic merit, not so much on the technical skill side of things. if you have the eye for media work, we can teach you some of the skills later.

at the end of the semester, we will submit a recommendation to the staff for who should be on media for work ed in 2020-2021. those recommendations will be based on how much progress you’ve made, as well as other traits like commitment and work ethic.

how this works:

we want to be able to evaluate your work detached from your name, so that we won’t be biased when we make judgments. we want to give everyone a fair opportunity. some people may really talented but no one knows about it.

click Generate in the widget below. this will generate a random, unique, 5-digit identification code.

copy the number it returns. you’ll need it later.

when you start the typeform, it will ask for your name, and then ask you for that 5 digit id you generated in the last step. this creates our database linking ids to names. we promise we won’t look at it until the end.

when you click submit, the typeform embed will automatically redirect you to a new form whose results are stored separately. this redirect will pass through your 5 digit id to the new form.

then, you can upload your files here, identified only by your 5 digit id. the typeform has 10 spots for files. you can fill as many or leave as many blank as you want. you should probably put something, though. otherwise it would be pointless.

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great, thanks.


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