Core of Four

We endeavor to impart a knowledge of God to our students through harmonious development of their mental, physical, and spiritual faculties. To further this goal, Weimar Academy’s committed faculty provide rigorous academic courses. We believe that education must be relevant and practical. Our students graduate not just with the required knowledge, but with the ability to use that knowledge meaningfully in their life work. Our courses meet expected academic standards, challenging students to obtain an in-depth, practical knowledge of the subject, as well as leading students to a clearer knowledge of God. It is our prayer that our students will know God better, and be more fully prepared to serve Him, through each class they take.

The Core of Four is a way of expressing our educational philosophy and focus. We use these four concepts to guide everything we do from curriculum development to student scheduling to recreation. It is through the Core of Four that we find expression for the principles of excellence in education provided by God through the Spirit of Prophecy.


Evangelistic Emphasis

“The highest of all sciences is the science of soul saving. The greatest work to which human beings can aspire is the work of winning men from sin to holiness.” Ministry of Healing p.398 At Weimar Academy, we understand that evangelism is not an event, but a lifestyle and we aspire to do this great work. Students and faculty work side by side in the local communities and beyond to win souls for Jesus. It is our God given command and is at the core of what we do.

 Excellent Academics

We strive for the highest academic standards. We do this through our carefully chosen and highly qualified faculty who are committed to excellence and constant improvement. We search for instructors who employ innovative teaching methods, who have broad practical experience, and who are dedicated to biblical educational principles as outlined in the Spirit of Prophecy. While traditional education too often focuses on a narrow part of the mind (memory), we emphasize whole person education and strive to help our students find a context for their knowledge—knowing God better through all their academic studies.

Health Education

Whole person education underlies our curriculum. We emphasize student involvement in the educational process and health education is no exception. From the healthy mountain environment to our over 400 acres of trails to our rigorous work education and balanced study program, we strive to present a balanced program that includes physical as well as mental development.

Practical Training

Our work-study program provides students with practical skills as well as opportunities for earning tuition. Not only do our students experience the beneficial effects of practical labor, our faculty join the students in their work providing uncommonly close connections between staff and students. This allows for the formation of mentoring relationships that lead to a better understanding of the academic material presented in classes. It’s part of our strategy for better learning based on the harmonious development of the whole person.