Ministering and Being Ministered To

The sun rose slowly over Holbrook Indian School, sending cheerful rays of morning light into the dorm rooms where all the Weimar students slept. It had been a much needed rest after a full day of travel! Academy students showered and prepared for the day, ate a good breakfast, and headed to the Holbrook chapel to enjoy joint worship with their new friends at the Arizona school.
After worship, everyone got to briefly foray back to their childhood days by unwinding on the school playground, then take a short nature walk around campus. Soon it was time to travel again! This time the destination for the day was the state of New Mexico. Everyone cheered with delight when the border was crossed! New Mexico was a beautiful landscape with colorful rocky walls, sandy earth, shrub grasses, and dry air that filled a vast, light blue sky.
At last the Albuquerque Heights SDA church came into view, and what a blessing the church family in New Mexico proved to be! Upon our arrival Weimar was ushered into the fellowship hall where a home cooked dinner had been lovingly prepared for all the hungry, tired travelers.
Following dinner and a short practice time for choir, Christian gave a worship talk on a return to primitive godliness. It was a much needed message that helped everyone stay focused. Many times Christians focus on needling out individual sins like gossiping or dishonesty, but what is really needed to cure such issues is a genuine, 1st-priority relationship with the Creator. If Christ is the focus and motive for every action, a greater impact will be made in the work for the end times.
Today, please pray for us on the following topics:
• for us to put Christ first and have genuine relationships with Him
• for our strength to be renewed each time we serve others
• for our spirits to be in the right place and for pure motives

– Vanessa Newman, Junior

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