A decision to apply to Weimar Academy should be weighed carefully. Being a student at Weimar Academy is both rewarding and challenging. Success requires personal maturity and a willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions. Agreement with the following statements may indicate your readiness to be a student at Weimar Academy.


I have a settled conviction that a life in harmony with Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of my life’s goals. I may not have fully matured in all aspects of life, but I have settled the question of who has my allegiance, and I am actively seeking a love relationship with Jesus Christ.


I recognize the importance of personal commitment to the school, its purposes, its people, and its practices. As I develop my God-given individuality, I will remain committed to the well-being of the group and a supportive member of the school family.


I am committed to academic excellence. I value the deeply Biblical, intellectually- challenging emphasis given to course work at Weimar Academy. My highest motivation for excellence in learning is to glorify God, not to bring recognition to myself.


I desire to be actively involved in personal service and witnessing for my faith as an important part of my education. I know that my own personal growth is directly related to the use of my spiritual gifts on behalf of others.


I am willing to follow God’s lead in coming to Weimar Academy and will do everything within my power to achieve His goals for me, even if unexpected circumstances or obstacles arise.

If you feel that the above statements are true for you, we welcome you to apply to Weimar Academy.
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Parent and child should read the entire Weimar Academy handbook. The Weimar Academy experience is unique and this will help you determine if this is the right choice for you and your child. The handbook can be found here.


Submit the online application below. The typeform will take at least 15 minutes to complete. Please be sure to gather all necessary information and have a parent/guardian nearby before you begin, as you cannot save the form and complete it later. The form includes several sections: 1) personal information about the application, 2) information about the applicant’s family, 3) academic history, and 4) financial planning. It may be useful to have a government ID, contact information for your past schools, and financial information handy as you complete the form.


Send the following documents to the academy by one of the following methods:

Fax: 530-422-7910
Mail: PO Box 486, Weimar, CA 95736

  • Two page essay written by the applicant. It should cover why you wish to attend Weimar Academy, a description of your Christian experience, areas that you are passionate about in life, and any other information that you would like us to know about you.
  • Two page essay written by the parent or guardian of the applicant. It should cover why you desire the applicant to attend Weimar Academy, a description of the spiritual atmosphere at home, strengths and weaknesses of the applicant, how you resolve conflict as a family, and any other information that you would like us to know about your family.
  • Copy of the student’s birth certificate.
  • Copy of the student’s passport or photo ID if you do not have one.
  • Copy of updated immunization records. Immunizations required by the state of California and questions regarding them maybe found here.
  • Please have your doctor fill out this medical record form, scan it, and email. If you have had a physical exam in the last 2 years and there have been no changes to the health of the student, a previous exam may be submitted. This can be done after the interview as the last item before acceptance.

Submit the $75 new student application fee online through the payment form at the end of the registration process, send by mail, or call 530-422-7952 to pay over the phone.


Have at least three people (adult friend that knows you very well, recent principal/teacher, work supervisor), who have known you at least 2 years to fill out our online reference form or send in a paper copy. Urge references to complete these as soon as possible. The online and PDF forms can be found here.


Ask that official transcripts from all schools within the last 3 years, no further back than 7th grade, be sent to Weimar Academy. If the grades are for 7th or 8th grade, please send copies of report cards. Our transcript request form can be downloaded here. If you have been homeschooled, please contact us for instructions.


Once all items have been received by the academy, a staff member will contact you to schedule an interview.

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Note: Unlike the college/university, Weimar Academy is not accredited by WSCUC or WASC.


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