WeiPray is a parent led initiative to unite in prayer with other parents both near and far in uplifting our children, staff and academy. WeiPray is an opportunity for parents to meet for the purpose of praying and claiming promises on a regular basis.

Please join us and share in the twofold blessings!

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Exhort the brethren to pray. We must seek if we would find,
we must ask if we would receive, we must knock if we
would have the door opened unto us. If there are only a
few assembled, there are enough to claim the precious
promises of God. The Father, the Son and the holy angels
will be present with you to behold your faith, your
steadfast principle, and there you will have of the outpouring
of God’s Holy Spirit. God has rich blessings in store for
those who will bring not only all the tithes into his storehouse,
but also time and strength of bone and brain and muscle into
his service. Those who will do this, will walk in the light,
and will triumph in God.

{ST February 10, 1890, Par. 4}

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