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True Education

To ‘prove God right’ is a journey, but, with His guidance, we can learn to travel every day, step by step, following His lead. As teachers and students, we may struggle and fail, but as we support each other and learn from our mistakes, we come to the conclusion that God must be the center of and reason for everything. This is Weimar Academy’s whole focus.

According to Ellen G. White, true education includes more than just academics. True education benefits one’s whole being. It should affect not only the life here, but also the life to come. A typical day for a Weimar Academy student includes exercise, classes, choir, work, and play. On a weekly basis, total community involvement, outdoor activities, and spiritual outreach add variety to daily activities. With all there is to do, in no time, weeks become months, months become years, and eventually, years add up and it’s time to graduate. However, the time spent at this school is meant to impact a student’s life, not only for the years spent here, but for eternity.

Rachel Gitter

Weimar Academy Class of 2021

Having been involved with Weimar Academy for the past six years, three of which I have spent enrolled in the Academy, I have had my fair share of Weimar Academy experiences. I have seen people grow not only physically, but spiritually.

As a freshman, I never thought the time would come for me to graduate, yet here I am nearing the end of my journey. This place that I have come to love has so much to offer, but it is up to the individual to decide whether or not to accept those offers. If you take advantage of the opportunities that the Academy provides, you won’t be disappointed.

Tanner Fisher
Weimar Academy Class of 2020

Looking back on my time at Weimar Academy, I realize that I have missed many opportunities. The optional spiritual activities and Bible studies that I neglected to attend, the meaningful conversations that were cut short for lack of time – all these were opportunities to grow that I missed. I am now entering my Senior year here at the Academy and if there is one thing that I have learned, it is this: don’t put anything off ‘til tomorrow unless you are willing to lose it forever.

Today, I can say I am a different person than when I first came. With the help of teachers and experiences that pushed me out of my comfort zone, I have truly been able to deepen my relationship with Christ and have learned to prove Him right.

Daily Life

Weimar Academy is a place often thought to be under a strict conservative regime, but, in actuality, it is not as bad as many think; the students here are actually cool people. The students of Weimar Academy are Christian teenagers who simply have a genuine desire to learn and to love and serve God with all their hearts. It is really the people that make the place what it is. Attending Weimar Academy is a great opportunity to get to know God and develop lifelong friends if that is your sincere desire.

Here in the dorm, there are some responsibilities that you might not have had at home. You will not have mommy and daddy here to do your laundry, prod you on to do your homework, or give you everything you might want or need. The deans are here to help and guide the students, but you will have to take care of yourself in some respects.

Weimar is not just like home. If you choose to look for them, there will always be opportunities to complain. For example, movies, gaming, and other such media are not allowed. However, this has helped me realize that there is a deeper, more beautiful meaning to life than entertainment. Learning to be a more socially interactive and productive person is one of the greatest blessings God has given me here.

Jonathan Supit

Weimar Academy Class of 2022

Living on campus comes with the advantage of being close to everything, but being a village student living nearby has its benefits as well (including staying close to family and saving a considerable amount of money).

My house is located 5 minutes’ walk from campus, and walking the trails to school every morning, enjoying God’s creation, is always a blessing. It is also a relief to have a break from the Weimar Academy campus once in a while, and a privilege that not all students have. I would recommend becoming a village student for those who live near campus. As a village student, you will be able to enjoy the richness of Weimar Academy – the priceless experiences, the friends, and the communion with God – from the comfort of your own home and family.

Joaquín Ramírez

Weimar Academy Class of 2020

Beyond the Classroom

There will never be the “perfect” student, but here at Weimar Academy, you will find students who aim for Christ’s perfection.

Because Christ is such an important part of our lives, you’ll find that praising God comes easily to us. Every morning before classes, we begin with a time for song and worship. Every morning, a student shares a worship thought. There is something special about how each student describes God in his or her personal way, and while speaking up-front may seem intimidating at first, it is an opportunity you will not regret taking.

Another time set aside for each student to learn about and experience God is Week of Prayer. Every semester, Weimar Academy hosts a guest speaker to teach us about practical Christianity. Through the messages of the speakers, and the time spent together in prayer, each academy student is able to see a clearer picture of Christ that they can then reflect to others.

It is our desire for Christ to be increased in everything we do, and we hope that this desire is reflected in every prospective student as well.

Michelle Villasante

Weimar Academy Class of 2020

beyond classroom
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Oh come, let us sing to the Lord! Let us shout joyfully to the Rock of our salvation.

Psalm 95:1

We are surrounded by music, and because of its significance in our lives, it is a part of true education that is incorporated into our daily schedule at Weimar Academy. Each student is given the opportunity to glorify God through singing in the choir, playing in the orchestra, or simply leading out in worship services. No matter your skill level, you will have the opportunity to grow musically and be a part of worshipping God through song.

Our annual choir tour is a special part of the Weimar Academy music experience. As a school, we get to travel, share music with various churches, and create long-lasting memories with  each other. While the purpose of our tour is to bless others, we are also blessed on tour as we experience God working through us to reach hearts.

The goal of Weimar Academy’s music program is to allow music to become a natural expression of students’ love for God. By employing the whole heart, soul, and mind into musical worship, music can be a powerful force to reach people who could not have been reached otherwise.

Sunika Tarusenga-Jojo

Weimar Academy Class of 2020

Weimar Academy believes that a work education program is a practical and effective way to teach students strong work ethic and equip them with the skills essential to serve both God and their fellow man. The work education program gives academy students the opportunity to gain experience working in various fields, such as custodial, media, cafeteria, grounds, and as teaching assistants and resident assistants. The work education experience prepares Weimar Academy’s students to be leaders with a sense of teamwork and initiative.

Dorling Cullinane

Fmr. Cafeteria Work Ed Supervisor

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The youth should be led to see the true dignity of labor. Show them that God is a constant worker. Action pervades the whole creation, and in order to fulfill our mission we, too, must be active.

{Ed 214.2}
beyond classroom

To Heal a Hurting World

Everything that Jesus did during His life and ministry on this earth was for the benefit of others, and, as followers of Christ, we should strive every day to live as Jesus did. That is why here at Weimar Academy, every student is given opportunities to serve.

One of these activities is TCI (Total Community Involvement). As a part of this initiative, the whole school goes out one day every week to connect with those in the community instead of doing regular classes in the morning. The students make new friends by going door to door, offering help with yard work and housework, and showing community members Weimar University’s various programs which can help them with their physical, mental, and spiritual health.

One of the service highlights of the year is our annual two-week mission trip. Every student has the opportunity to go out and serve God in another non-local location for two weeks. This gives students fresh perspectives and sheds light on the way people live in places where ordinary necessities are not accessible.


A few mission trip destinations of the past include Bolivia, Belize, Kenya, Arizona, the Philippines, Palou, Cuba, and Dutch Curacao. On these trips, the students have been a part of medical clinics, building projects, concerts, health expos, outreach, evangelistic meetings, door-to-door literature distribution, weeks of prayer, vacation Bible schools, and more. When students serve in a place that is out of their comfort zone, it forces them to rely fully on God and His strength. We see many miracles every year on the Academy’s mission trip when God manifests His power and intervenes for His people when they call on Him.

Words of kindness, looks of sympathy, expressions of appreciation, would to many a struggling, lonely one be as a cup of cold water to a thirsty soul.

A word of cheer, an act of kindness, would go far to lighten the burdens that are resting heavily upon weary shoulders. It is in unselfish ministry that true happiness is found. And every word and deed of such service is recorded in the books of heaven as done for Christ.”

7T 49.4

It is such a blessing and great opportunity for the students of Weimar Academy to walk in the shoes of Jesus by serving others. These aforementioned service opportunities are not exclusive.

Each student, every day, learns to lay self aside and honor God through serving his or her neighbor. It is a huge honor that God has called His youth to do the very thing that Jesus did on this earth, and it is Weimar Academy’s honor to raise up a God-loving youth who deny self to bring others to God.

Chantal Ross

Weimar Academy Class of 2020

Weimar Academy is a place where students come not just to learn new things, but to offer what they have learned to the world around them. Sharing what God has done for them is integrated fully into the program.

Through giving worship for the whole student body, music ministry, doing yard work for the community, and actively seeking to help each other, students are encouraged to make Christ-like service a part of their lives. When sharing the Gospel of Jesus through service to others becomes a habit, there is no limit to how God can use their talents all throughout their lives!

Becky Nelson

Fmr. Logistics Coordinator and English Teacher


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