Laura Krum

Principal. Agriculture, Finance & Government

Laura Krum was born in Denver, CO, but moved around a lot as her father was an SDA Pastor and Air Force Chaplain. She attended Weimar College 30 years ago and met her husband Leland here. She enjoys young people of any age, but her favorite group is teens. She has four children and has fun observing their similarities and differences. Laura enjoys traveling, hiking, gardening, reading, and just time to think. She has been a home school mom, substituted and aided in an elementary school, and most recently worked eight years at Heritage Academy in Tennessee, where she was vice-Principal for the last three before moving here in 2019. Laura values good communication and strives to improve her own. Her ultimate desire is to lead others to experience the peace she has found in Jesus and His promises.

Dean Cullinane

Vice-Principal, English IV, Bible III

Dean Cullinane is a Weimar University graduate who has worked at Weimar Academy since 2016. He is married to his childhood sweetheart, Dorling, and together they have 2 boys, Wolfgang and Conan. Dean believes the most important work to be done is in the school, leading young minds to Jesus and helping them make decisions for eternity. He is passionate about teaching, preaching, talking, and storytelling. He is excited to be back teaching in the classroom and hopes he can play a part in making Weimar Academy a school all the students can be proud of.

Teresa Serl

Registrar, Sewing

Teresa Serl comes to us from Texas where she has lived most of her life. She is excited to be a part of the team at Weimar Academy as the Registrar. She looks forward to working with young people and seeing what God has planned for this year.

Anthony Melu

Boys Resident Dean, Health

Anthony Melu is a Lifestyle Educator by training with a passion for health education and promotion. As a health educator for over fifteen years, Anthony had the privilege of serving in three African countries where he interacted in the mission field with believers of all age groups from student missionaries, missionary physicians, and other professionals in the service of the Lord.

Since 2016, Anthony and his family lived and served in the state of Virginia where he mostly worked in health care settings (rehabilitation, emergency, behavioral and health education centers). Anthony has also served as a mentor for at risk children in the community (regular homes, foster care homes and group homes) with their parents and guardians. He also served as a child and adolescent advocate in both school districts with educators and in the juvenile court system to facilitate rehabilitation and social skills building along with promoting healthy family reunification processes for the children and their parents.

Since moving to the state of California in 2022, Anthony was privileged to work with special education students in the San Bernardino County school district in Southern California. In this capacity, Anthony worked with the students, parents, and teachers along with their therapists in supporting the students' academic, physical, social, and emotional development.

As a strong believer in true education, Anthony is motivated by Jesus’ model of growth and development as outlined in Luke 2:52, “ And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature, and in favor with God and man”. Anthony looks forward to being a support to Weimar Academy’s student body as they all grow into strong, mature, and balanced young Christian women and men that love and serve God.

Darlene Ames

Girls Resident Dean, Sewing

Darleen Ames is the Weimar Academy Girls dean. She attended Weimar Academy and graduated in 1988. After enjoying a year at Weimar college, she transferred to Pacific Union College where she obtained her A.S. degree in Nursing. Following college she worked as a nurse in pediatrics at Loma Linda University Medical Center for several years until she married her husband, Randy, and began her lifelong career as a wife, and eventually, mother of four.

Darleen's hobbies and interests include various fiber arts, animals, nature and camping, sacred and classical music, growing fruit trees, bread-baking, spending time with her children, and leading young people to Christ. Her greatest desire is to see her extended family standing together on the Sea of Glass.

David Pasos

Bible I, II, IV & World History

David Pasos has been an educator for over 25 years. He has taught in the Florida Conference and Carolina Conference for 20 of those years. His last school was in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. David ‘s personal philosophy of education is to bring an awareness of an almighty God that is Creator of all things; to show students Jesus, nurture their love for Him and others, teach them to think, and empower them to serve. David is married to his beautiful wife Dily. He has two kids who will be attending Weimar University this year. When given the opportunity David loves exploring the outdoors, riding dirt bikes, and has a love for archery. His passion is to teach young people about the love of Christ and help them develop a better relationship with Him.

Jill Gonzalez

English & U.S. History

Jill Walker Gonzalez has been teaching English since 2004. She has taught at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels. Her areas of specialty are early American literature, nineteenth-century American literature, and Native American literature. Her research has focused on representations of Poland in nineteenth-century American literature and on early American conversion narratives.

She earned her PhD in English from University of New Mexico in 2015, her MA in English from La Sierra University in 2006, and her BA in English from Columbia Union College (now Washington Adventist University) in 2003. She is excited to be teaching English and U.S. History at Weimar Academy!

Jensen Ruud


Daniel Byrkit


Andrés Mendoza

Choral & Instrumental Music

Andrés Mendoza is an enthusiastic and energetic music educator with a Masters of Music from Central Michigan University. Since 2012 he has served as a music educator and music director, teaching, conducting, and traveling extensively with his ensembles throughout the US and Canada. He is currently a member of the faculty at Weimar University and Weimar Academy, where he is fulfilling his calling to lead students to develop their God-given talents to the fullest, fostering love and appreciation for music as a form of expression and worship.

Leland Krum


Dily Pasos

Spanish I & II

Dr. Neil Nedley


Dr. David Shin

Dual Enrollment Bible

Luisa Morales

Dual Enrollment Math

Ian Rodriguez

Boys Assistant Dean

Karolina Mikulaskova

Girls Assistant Dean

Caleb Ames


Caleb Ames was born in Lithuania and spent most of his growing-up years in Northeast Washington State on a 160-acre farm. Growing up on a farm had a significant role in teaching him practical skills such as growing crops, logging, carpentry, and, of course, mechanics. He is a concert pianist with over 16 years of playing and over eight years of singing in a choir.

While he may not be a certified professional, he aims (Ames) to teach young people what he knows from his experience in auto mechanics because he believes they need the skills to help them through life practically.


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