Arizona Day 2

What a day!!! So we woke up this morning at 7am and then got all packed up to head out to Holbrook. At 8am, the Leal family once again had a wonderful, delicious breakfast waiting for us in the dinning hall. They had prepared pancakes, scrambled tofu, hash browns, oatmeal, and fruit! It was all AMAZING!!! Mr. Rudy and Mr. Polk went out to fill up the vehicles for the trip, so we just waited around for them to get back. Finally, they came back with new wipers for the bus and a wrench to fix the hitch on the suburban. We all piled on the bus and waited for them to get everything ready for the trip. Another 30 minutes went by and finally we were off. Only 50 minutes behind schedule.  We drove for about 5 hours and around 1pm, we decided to place our order at Taco Bell for lunch. We still had an hour to go still, but we planned to be able to go into the Taco Bell and get our food and then be able to leave and get back on the road. We decided that for lunch, we should stop at a park that was just off the Colorado River. It was a nice day, so we could eat outside. Mr. Polk, Miss Jam, and Dustin were in the Suburban and went to go get the Taco Bell while the rest of us went to wait for them at the park. It was fun! There was a playground and a small beach that was right off the canal that was connected to the Colorado River. We waited and waited and still, no food had arrived. By this time, it was 3 o’clock. We were hungry since we hadn’t eaten since 8 this morning. We called them and found out that the Taco Bell didn’t believe us that we wanted all 75 burritos, so they weren’t ready for us and were taking forever!! So Miss Alyssa decided treat all of us that were waiting with shaved ice. It was really good!! After we got the shaven ice, we went back to the park to wait for the food. Then we heard that Mr. Polk had gotten turned around and couldn’t find us. We all gathered to pray that God would help them find us. Finally, at 5:15pm, the food arrived. YAY!! One problem was that they messed up part of our order. UGH! But God blessed us with food and everyone got something to eat and was filled. We were on the road again for 5 more hours and finally at 10:45pm, we arrived at Holbrook Indian Seventh-Day Adventist School. Praise God He protected us all the way down to Arizona. Tomorrow is the start of a great day!! 

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