Back From Homeleave

Well, here we are. Back at school, back to the classes, homework, and daily
schedule. Back from homeleave to an environment where we are encouraged to aim
higher, think harder, and dig deeper. For some, adjusting back to the busy school
schedule and Weimar lifestyle was a challenge; however, for me personally this
adjustment wasn’t much of an adjustment. The reason being, that I was one of
several students who worked around campus during the week. My daily work
schedule was similar to our school schedule, starting around 8:00 AM and ending
around 5:00PM.
Whether we stayed in the area or traveled abroad during our week off, we’re
back. Each of us has our story to share, whether big or small; but the biggest story
to share is the story of being where we are today. We are not at Weimar Academy
just for school, or even because we want to be here. The reason we are here is
because God called each of us here for a purpose. Whether we understand that
purpose or not doesn’t really matter. What does matter is the fact that God knows;
and to me, that is a life with a purpose.

– Matthew Kuninobu

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