Changing Lives

The morning sun rose from a flawless pink Texan sky. It was 7:00 am, and students had already been awake for three hours to prepare for the day’s activities. After wake up time, worship and a run through of the day’s activities started the day. The Ephesus church provided a delicious and nutritive breakfast for everyone, and even provided for the other academies that had arrived to help. Then off to the Alamodome went all the volunteers to serve everyone who had come for medical care, counseling, and dental or visual care. The day was extremely busy! From 6 am to around 5 pm, work was constant except for during a quick lunch break.

Activities kept all the helpers busy, with student volunteers rapidly guiding patients throughout the different health stations, explaining medical forms, translating conversations and papers into multiple languages and answering questions. Although those tasks were important, the best situation to be a part of was just to connect with the unique individuals who had come to find help. Each person came for a different reason, but all were thankful for the help they received. Some people cried tears of joy as they received new glasses, while others expressed their gratitude for the crowns, fillings, or oral surgery that had fixed their smiles. One woman in particular shared that she was looking forward to getting care, because she had not smiled in twelve years due to the extent of her dental issues. What an inspiring sight it was to see her walk away from the Alamodome later the same day with a glowing smile!

Lives are already being changed at the Alamodome. God is working, and He will continue to help us if we rely on His strength and direction! Please keep us in your prayers! Here are some requests to send to heaven:

  1. We served around 2000 individuals today. May their lives be changed spiritually as well as physically.
  2. Pray for all the volunteers to have the energy, wisdom, and strength from Christ to keep them fueled as long as they are needed and afterwards.
  3. Pray for miracles of healing! We want to have a profound impact. May God continue to dramatically change lives.

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