Takeoff: Mission Alaska

The sun had not yet risen as the Alaska mission group gathered in the Academy parking lot. Just after 3 am, the bus and its load of missionaries rolled out of Weimar campus. As we drove to the Sacramento airport, we could feel the excitement and nervous anticipation begin to grow. For many of us, the fact that we were about to embark on a mission trip to spread the love of Christ to the people of Alaska had not yet sunk in.

Though there were no major problems getting through security, after boarding the plane we began to experience technical difficulties. The airplane lights were malfunctioning, causing a delay in our departure. As we sat in darkness, one of the flight attendants suggested that we sing. With the help of Miss Rina, we started to sing a few well-known hymns. At Miss Rina’s suggestion, Leo brought out his violin and began to play quietly; plucking at first, then bowing with a mute, and eventually playing with full volume. The flight crew and several of the passengers thoroughly enjoyed the music.

In Seattle, we had a three-hour layover during which we relaxed while we waited for our next flight. Just before we boarded the plane, Leo and I played a violin duet followed by Vini and Juhye’s ocarina duet. Some of the people pulled out their phones to take videos, and one lady even came over to thank us for the music.

We arrived in Anchorage at 3 pm. Throughout the long day of travel, God had protected us and brought us safely to Alaska. As we stepped outside the airport, surveyed the snowcapped mountains and dense forests of pine trees, and breathed in the crisp Alaskan air, we tried to convince ourselves that we had finally arrived.

Even before the mission work actually started, God was able to use us to bless other people through music. When we dedicate our lives to be used in His service, He can use us anywhere– at home, at school, in Alaska, and even in an airport.

~Emily Kuninobu


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