The Grand Canyon


My first time going to the Grand Canyon was an indescribable feeling. My breath was taken away. It wasn’t what I thought it was. I thought it was a puny little canyon, but no, it was way more than that. Right away I took my phone to capture the beauty of the canyon. Honestly, you cannot compare the incredible grandeur of the Grand Canyon.

As we went throughout the day, we drove to the Desert View Watchtower and saw a different part of the canyon. Again, it was breath-taking. The architectural works of the tower were unbelievable. We spent some time there and drove back to the Visitor Center to take pictures with the group.

I can’t get over the fact that God had this incredible plan for the Grand Canyon. Just like He had a plan for the Canyon, He has a plan for us to make us beautiful and to help others learn about His creation!

Celia Cruz – Weimar Academy Freshman


Leaving from our lodgings at 6:15 am, Miss Amanda drove a small group of us to watch the sunrise at the Grand Canyon. We got there at about 6:40 am and the sun didn’t rise until 7:21 am so it was still pretty dark. When we first got there we could barely see anything. The only thing we could see was a faint, orange glow in the horizon. Gradually it started to get brighter, letting us see more and more of the canyon. The canyon started to look deeper and bigger while it was getting brighter. It was amazing!

While we were standing there waiting for the sunrise, it started to get colder until it started to snow! At first it was just a tiny bit, but then it started to snow harder. Because of the wind and snow it was pretty cold, so some of us decided to get creative by taking our hair and making a “beard” to keep our faces warm. Overall, it was colder than I expected but It was so worth it! I made some memories that I will never forget and enjoyed God’s nature in a way I have never experienced before!

Jenna Fanselau – Weimar Academy Freshman

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