Arizona Day 3

Today was a busy day. We woke up at 6am and got ready and had our devotions. At 7am, we were at the cafeteria for breakfast. They served us tofu and hash brown breakfast burritos with fruit and cereal. All the kids in the school came and ate together and then went to their classes. After they left, our group went to the guys dorm’s chapel for an introduction to Holbrook. We watched their promo video and then a lady told us a little more about the school. After that, the staff told us our work groups and then we went outside to wait for our work assignments. Group A and D were one group that went to a garage to scrape off paint to prep for painting while group B and C went to prep and painted a brick building and then cleared out an alley way. After the first half of the day, we had lunch and then went and played with the kids outside until 1:30pm. Then we went back to work. A few of us in group A and D went with Mr. Polk to insulate a small building called the “dog house”. That took us a while and by the time we were done insulating, it was time for supper. After we ate, we went back to the dorm and hung out until worship. Then it was time for bed. It was a hard day for us, but it was fun. Most of us got wind burned, but it was all worth it!!


-Mackenzie Jezierski – Junior

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