Calixto update

We have arrived safely in Cuba, and have begun our evangelistic crusade in Calixto.  The people here are very kind.  The host of our group is very self-sacrificing for the cause of God.  His home has both a church and a baptistry, so the evangelistic meetings are taking place right at his home.  He is allowing us to stay in the rooms of his home while he and his wife stay in a tent in the back yard.  Last night we had at least 25 attendees at both the adult and children’s meetings.  We visited people in their homes this morning and personally invited them to the meetings.  We anticipate many more attendees this evening.  The four young people from Weimar (Jaycee, Cristian, Isabella and Julianna) have earnestly taken up their mission and are representing Weimar and their God rightly.  Please keep praying for our efforts in Calixto as well as the other teams in Cuba.

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