Changes of Life By Maki Tsuchiya

A picture of the trees from my dorm room window changing tones: cool to warm. The autumn leaves descend, leaving silhouettes of trees bare and naked. The leaves rigid, brittle, cracked over the hills. Gorgeous, the scenery inviting a warm embrace. Though being a grounds worker, it is somewhat exasperating to clean up after them.

I reminisce of the day I stepped foot on campus—the leaves vivid, young, and unfamiliar. So was I, but I came with my desire to transfer to Weimar with a leap of faith.

Through time, the leaves grew, adjusting to its encompass to darken; mature to its prime through the harsh breeze.

So it was, as students our lifestyle adjusted as time passed—changing colors.

It is astonishing to see Christ’s ability to transform.  In small scale from our past, present, and our future. His steadfast love holds fast onto us through our faults and carelessness. He empowers us to change into the best ‘version’ of us. The transformation of Christ we constantly reminisce.

And through it all, the transforming colors —some things never change.

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