Excitement, Hard Work, and a Bright Future

The day was filled with energy, excitement, prayer, and sweat as we went to the Alamo Dome to help set up for Pathways to Health. It began by waking up to knocking on my door. I woke up slowly, leaving my slumber behind. Next up was devotions, leaving me filled with useful knowledge that I will most likely use in the future. Lastly, it was time to have worship by the pool. Once worship was done, we left to go eat breakfast at Ephesus Church. Breakfast was over all too fast, and we boarded the bus to head to the Alamo Dome.

When we got to the Alamo Dome, we were instructed to help whoever needed help in the main structure. I was filled with energy and ready to help set up for this amazing ministry of health. More energy soon exploded within me as I walked into the main structure of the Alamo Dome. From the outside, the dome does not look that big, but from the inside, it, is, HUGE. Nothing had prepared me for this huge dome. A semi-truck looked like a matchbox car. Once my amazement was over, I started to help along with the other students.

Slowly, the Alamo Dome transformed into a large room filled with little temporary rooms made of curtains. It was color coded to show what healing was being done. It changed from seeming to be tons of space, to a perfect place to heal and share the Word of God. We prepared thousands of free gift bags filled with literature for the patients that are coming through the next few days. Overall, today was a productive day showing an amazing outcome.

As we prepare to heal and minister to those that come to the Alamo Dome, please pray for the healing of many people, the ministry to touch many hearts, the doctors/surgeons hands, thoughts, and skills to be the best that it can be, for extra energy, and for God to be with us as well as all those who are helping these next few days.

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