Ignited, United, & Excited

Happy Sabbath! As we rose from our beds, preparations were made for the day as we ate and tidied up. After spending the night at the Albuquerque Heights church, the gentlemen loaded up and travelled over to the Rio Rancho plant church, where the ladies had stayed, and prepared to lead the church services for this special Sabbath.
After an inspiring sermon from one of our very own and a bountiful potluck, we headed out and explored the foreign New Mexico landscape- certainly a deep contrast from the usual Weimar surroundings!
Arriving back at Albuquerque Heights, we rested and began preparations for the night’s concert. As the pews filled, excitement and anticipation rose. Throughout the concert, a presence was felt; God was here, the angels had come to sing with us! Emboldened, we shared from our hearts with renewed enthusiasm. Not only was the congregation blessed, but we were as well.
Thanks to the Rio Rancho and Albuquerque Heights churches who graciously supplied us with meals and a place to rest our heads, and thanks to every individual who worked to make our ministry possible, but most of all, thanks be to God. Truly, our Heavenly Father is most amazing!
– Joshua Li, Sophomore

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