It’s already November! By Zoe Shiu

It’s already November.

Perhaps we have been too busy to keep track of time. Way back in the month of October, Weimar Academy had its first concert at Sacramento Central SDA Church. With the Holy Spirit’s power working through us, we were able to touch many lives for Christ. In addition, on Halloween night, some of the academy went door-to- door singing and passing out GLOW tracts. It was an amazing experience, relying on Christ to give us light and peace in the midst of the dark holiday. And somewhere around that time, we also had a Fall Festival with food and games. That was an excellent opportunity to fundraise for class projects and mission trips. Currently, we are working in the Field to replace the dusty red dirt with lush green grass. Sod-laying has been a fun and muddy experience, and we look forward to having a beautiful lawn for football and picnics.

As the days have turned to weeks and the weeks to months, I wonder where the time has gone. Every day passes by like breath in the morning air. Every Algebra assignment gets a date written in the top-right corner with digits increasing far too rapidly. Every Sabbath I marvel, It’s Sabbath already?

But every one of those days and weeks and months has held a special gift from God. He has provided us with love, friendship, and happiness for every moment. My time spent at Weimar has felt indeed short, yet it has been filled to the brim with these wonderful blessings. I challenge you: Don’t get too busy for the little things God has in store for you. In the midst of your tumultuous classes, work, and concerts, still take time to look around and find God’s hidden treasures. Live intentionally and cherish each precious moment.

Because… before you know it, it’ll be December.

– Zoe Shiu

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