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Sorry that they are not sequential.  Here are just a few updates from our trip.  God is good and has been blessing abundantly!

Lucas Blog

12:00 am, we were off. On to first San Fransisco, then to Oakland next. Through all of our travels, I finally happen to land in a seat next to a man who seemed quiet. After most of the plane ride he finally asked what I was doing, and I then shared with him that we were a school on a mission trip to do health clinics, construction, and some religious meetings. He then just sat there and said, “Wow.” And sat there stunned.

It was exciting to see that through just this simple interaction, God could not only just amaze someone, but could also show them that there are some youth out there today that still love to help others and love God too.

Alyssa’s Blog

The ride from the airport to MOVE was quite the adventure! We piled into the bus and bounced down the dusty road, hair blowing like crazy in our natural “air conditioning.” We excitedly pointed out coconut trees, houses on stilts, funny signs, and chatted about our anticipations. Driving past cinderblock structures and wooden shacks along roads carved out of the jungle, the contrast between our new surroundings and California was quite evident. Suddenly, the bus jerked to a stop and we saw the currier and an officer who had helped us get all of our luggage past customs and into our bus jump out of the car in front of us. They were yelling, “Did you take the knapsack?” We looked through the luggage and sure enough, there was the currier’s backpack in our stuff! It reminded me somewhat of how Benjamin and the rest of Joseph’s brothers must have felt when the Egyptian guards discovered the golden goblet in his grain sack. I held my breath as I thought about the trouble we could be in and we hadn’t even been in Belize for one hour! Thankful the man was happy just to have his knapsack back and we headed along our way watching the sun set behind the beautiful Belize jungle.

Alyssa Brantley


Mayanne Blog

We all get assigned to work and each day we get to experience a new area. Some of the projects are painting, building a porch, putting gravel on the paths, agriculture, and some other various jobs. On this particular day we worked from 2:30-6:00. One of the most satisfying things is to see the end product of what you worked on and the appreciation of the people here at MOVE and knowing that the work will help them.


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