Moving Forward

Sunday introduced herself with a vast gray sky and giant rain showers that made the road fill with puddles and rivers. All the Weimar students were surprised at the abrupt weather change, but surprise did not stop them from planning a morning swim when the opportunity would become available. Plastic bags held overhead became umbrellas, and students huddled under a single coat as they tried to unitedly dodge streams of water or miss gooey areas of muddy ground. Finally warm and sheltered from the rain inside, everyone sat down and enjoyed a delicious breakfast of mission trip meal leftovers. Then a song of appreciation was sung for the wonderful cooks who had provided all the food for the volunteers during Pathways to Health. Mr. and Mrs. Z, as they were called, did an amazing job planning and serving several meals for dozens of hungry teenagers, college students and staff!

When breakfast was over, the academy had worship together and planned for more activities that would take place in the evening. Following the Pathways to Health program, people who had received care were supposed to receive their lab results from local SDA churches. There were also follow-up programs taking place at the same churches to help all the patients continue in, well… the pathway to health! These programs included Diabetes Undone, Depression Recovery, and Overcoming seminars. Tonight all the students from Weimar Academy will be helping with the programs in many ways, including childcare, presentations, food preparation, greeting, and more. It will be a busy but rewarding experience!

Thank you to everyone who has been keeping us in prayer! Here are some recent topics to pray for:

-Pray for many people from the health expo (Pathways to Health) to come and be blessed by the church programs

-For everyone to stay focused on serving others and be mission minded even though Pathways is complete

-For divine appointments and for people to give their lives to Jesus

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