The Count-down Continues

With less than seven days left till our annual mission trip, there’s a certain excitement pervading the school. It’s a unique kind of excitement – not the kind you would get from boarding a plane to Paris or Rome. It’s not even the kind of excitement you get from realizing that three school-free weeks are right around the corner. It’s the kind of excitement that only one thing can evoke – an idea so amazing that I can hardly sit still long enough to type it out. It’s the excitement that God is about to do breath-taking things in San Antonio, TX and He has chosen each of us, at Weimar Academy, to help Him. There’s no need to feel left out of all the fun though – God has chosen you too! He earnestly awaits your prayers – and so do we. Thank you for all your continued support. Blessings!

-Melissa Osadchuck, Junior

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