The Finish Line

I can’t believe it’s over. Looking back on the past week and a half, it’s hard to believe that the amazing clinic which once filled the Alamo Dome, is now just a blur in our imaginations. Today was a day filled with joy and excitement. Tears were shed as we said our good byes, and hearts were defiantly touched by the humble spirit that has filled the stadium these past three days. Although our work here at the clinic is now finished, we as a school are still on a mission here, and that mission will only be completed on the day of Christ’s return.

Cleaning up the clinic was a bitter sweet moment for all of us. While most of my friends who also worked in the children’s department were off exploring the Alamo, Tessa and I stayed behind to lend a hand in cleaning up the remains of the clinic. As walls came down, and lifesaving medical supplies were packed away, it brought such a feeling of joy and accomplishment. Sadly, there was also a lot of sadness in the air as we continued to sweep and clean up the huge mess we had created. There were still thousands of God’s children waiting out side for the medical treatment they desperately needed, but the doors had already been shut. While we may not have been able to treat every resident of San Antonio with their physical needs, the Seventh Day Adventist church has made a lasting impression on the people of Texas. In total, the volunteers were able to provide free health care to 6,193 people. Praise the Lord for giving us this opportunity.

This evening brought a perfect ending to a long day of service. As we arrived back in our hotel rooms, I ran to where my freshly unwrinkled choir dress was hanging by the small sink in our hotel room. The next 40 minutes were spent exchanging hairspray and curling irons, and by the time we had left the hotel I had the familiar feeling of music bubbling up within me. When we reached the convention center where the evening meetings were being held, our choir quickly flocked to the large stage in front of us. After running through our special music a few times for soundcheck, we were finally ready. As we waited back stage, prayers were shared, and we all came together to ask God to send his angles to sing through us, as we do before every performance. The meetings were such a blessings, and I always love having the opportunity to sing to others.

So, as we are now on the home stretch of our journey, please continue to keep our school in your prayers. We still have a lot to do here in Texas, and I believe that this is just the beginning of what God has in store for us here. I’m so thankful for the blessings the Lord has given to us, and for the many testimonies I now have to share.


Tiffany Fisher, Sophomore.

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