Mission Pilot Ground School


Aviation is an exciting field that offers unique opportunities for ministry, and this fall, given sufficient interest, Weimar Academy plans to offer a Ground School class! The one-semester class will cover foundational topics of aviation knowledge, such as aerodynamics, flight planning, weather, and aircraft performance. After successfully completing the class, the student will be ready to take the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test.

Missionary pilots are greatly needed in underdeveloped parts of the world, where roads are barely passable or simply nonexistent, and where it can take days to get to the nearest hospital. Airplanes bridge the gap, and save missionaries years of traveling – literally.

Becoming a qualified missionary pilot is a big investment and a lengthy process, but the journey is well worth it and the payoffs are huge. The first step is to become a Private Pilot, which involves preparing for a written test and a practical test. Ground School prepares you to take the written test, and flying lessons train you for the practical test.

Ground School class this fall will get students ready to take their written test. Students will also get an introductory flying lesson at the nearby Auburn Airport, which can be logged as actual flight training!

The class will be taught by Michael Lombart, a Weimar Academy alumnus who is a pilot preparing for mission service. Michael is currently training to become a flight instructor, and students who enroll in the Ground School class would have the possibility of taking the next step and beginning flight training later in the school year.

For information on course cost and to reserve a spot in the class, please email Michael at m_lombart@yahoo.com.


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