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Health Expo

On Valentine’s Day we held a Health Expo for the people of Santa Martha Village. We set up our booths outside on the church lawn. Although invitations were given several weeks ahead, some of our students went to the homes to invite people personally. The church members were very happy to have over 100 children come along with their parents, grandparents and other family members and friends. Some of the services provided were health age, blood pressure, talks on eating low sugar and low-fat foods, dental education, massage and free clothing. Here is the testimony of one student…

“Oh Lord, please send people.” This was our prayer as we sat in the wet heat of Santa Martha. The health expo was set up as we awaited out first participants. Even though I hoped many would come through, I had this doubt that there would only be a few, and these few would be the faithful church members. Not that that was bad at all…but…we wanted to be able to touch the city of Santa Martha. While these thoughts are running through my mind, a group of slightly elusive local children ran in and out of the cement building in front of us. Their cute smiles staring at us through windowless gaps in the wall, with the occasional word “gringo” reaching our sun-burnt ears. Little did we know that through these children would our blessing be received. Soon one or two children began to go through line, each station the group seemed to providentially increase. 10, 20, almost 25 children by the time they reached my booth. I was nervously reviewing my notes as I had never ran the trust/rest booth before, but the Lord blessed and the opportunities I had that evening will not soon be forgotten. As I gave massages to 20ish little boys, literally between 3-10 years old, I was blessed by their sincerity. Not only by their willingness to open up to me, but with eager folded hands I had the blessed opportunity of praying for and with them. In review, the children ended up bringing the parents and the health expo was a bustling center until it had to close.
As we anticipated, mission Belize is not only a mission to Belize but a training ground for our personal belief.

-Mark Quion

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