Week of Prayer

It is very easy to get into routines. There are natural routines we adopt in school, in our families, and even in the church. As young people it is so natural to fall into the routine of being a comfortable Christian, but what if God wants more of us? What is God wants more from Weimar Academy? This week we had the blessing of having Pastor Moise Ratsara come and share for our Fall Week of Prayer. His exhortations were not just simple, fluffy presentations; but challenges for us to dig deeper into our Bibles, stand unashamedly for our beliefs, desire God wholeheartedly, and live purposefully because Christ died for us. The beginning of the school year is always a busy time, but having Week of Prayer helped me personally to intentionally choose to prioritize my relationship with Christ. I realized that my first goal for this school year should not to get perfect grades, have amazing friendships, or even to be successful, but my highest goal and greatest desire should be to know, love, and serve Jesus with all of my heart.

Pastor Mo shared throughout the week during the morning and also a few times during the weekend. On Friday Night, we had a foot-washing service where we practiced the humility that Christ showed while on our Earth. It was a beautiful way to welcome the Sabbath and create closer bonds. On Saturday Night, we closed off our special week together by having an Agape Feast at the Amphitheater. Yes, the food was delicious and the decorations  were beautiful, but what I remember most about that night was the 3 last reminders Pastor Moise left with us. First, he challenged us to Pray Big; to not settle for small blessings from God, but to ask for more. Secondly, he urged us to not be wise in our own eyes, but to trust God to direct our paths and give us the wisdom we need. Lastly, he appealed to us to keep our eyes on the Goal—Jesus. This week at Weimar Academy I realized my deeper need for Jesus and the importance of making Him a priority this school year.

-Bailey Gallant

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