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The Sabbath morning began with sleeping in. That is, if you call around 6 AM sleeping in… It was a huge blessing to sleep a few hours more than we had gotten for the past week. Being Sabbath morning, everyone was astir getting ready for Church. First off was devotions. Next was eating breakfast. After that was time to get ready, such as take showers and get dressed. Lastly was time to drive to the San Antonio Convention Center, where our day full of amazing sermons was going to be held.

When we got there, an amazing Sabbath school sermon led by Natasha Nebblett was given to us. She told us that she had been sick and was back stage coughing. During her entire sermon, she did not cough once. The main service soon followed with amazing special music done by the South Western Adventist University. Then Elder Ted Wilson spoke to us. It was really cool to hear a sermon in person from him. Once this was done, it was time to go back to the Ephesus Church for lunch. Lunch went by quickly, and before I knew it, it was back to the convention center for a recap on The Best Pathway to Health.

When we got back to the convention center, the mayor of San Antonio, Ivy Taylor, was there to talk to us and thank us. It was amazing to recap on what had been done. Lela Lewis talked to all the volunteers and thanked them. It was amazing to see what we had done. All the patients that had received care numbered to 6,192!

That night, a few of us went to an amazing sermon led by Mark Finley. The rest went out to sing. Once the sermon was done, we all went out to sing. We went under a bridge and sang to passing boats. It was a very neat experience. The sound under the bridge blended so well and rang unto the surrounding area. Overall, it was a great day.

Thank you for praying for us on this trip, and thank you for continuing to pray for us. Please pray for San Antonio, as it may grow in Christ. Please pray for the school as it ministers a little more, and as we will be starting to head back on Wednesday.

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