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Bolivia Day 1 and 2...

After 1 bus ride, 4 plane rides, and 1 crammed back-of-the-truck ride, our team finally arrived at Familia Feliz, Rurrenabaque. Familia Feliz is a Seventh-day Adventist orphanage and school for the..

Starting a New Year with Christ...


Back From Homeleave...

Well, here we are. Back at school, back to the classes, homework, and daily schedule. Back from homeleave to an environment where we are encouraged to aim higher, think harder, and dig deeper. For s..

Dawn of the New School Year!...

Beep. Beep. BEEPBEEPBEEP. My alarm shattered my dream into a thousand pieces, noisily reminding me that the school year had indeed begun. Yesterday had been registration day, full of new..


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